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2008-2009 Opponents (2/19/2008)

With the realignment of the NFL into 4 divisions within each the AFC and NFC, the opponent lists for each team have been defined.

See Weis on ESPN2's New Show Live (7/15/2005)

Former Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis will be the guest on ESPN2's new show, Quite Frankly, and you can be in the audience in New York for the show

"Dirty Water" Opens in Chicago (7/14/2005)

If you live in the Chicagoland area, you don't want to miss Dirty Water, an inprov comedy show on Boston sports

2005 NFL Draft Picks (4/26/2005)

Check out who was picked by the Patriots in the '05 NFL Draft

Featured at WashingtonPost.com (4/19/2005)

GoPats.com was featured in an article on the team and its fans

Featured in the Chicago RedEye (2/4/2005)

GoPats.com and Mike were featured in the Chicago RedEye newspaper in an article on Chicago-area fans of Super Bowl XXXIX teams

Featured in the Metro West Daily News (1/7/2004)

Mike and Clint were featured in an article on rituals for tailgating

Remembering Ron Burton (9/14/2003)

Mike remembers a man who was the first draft pick of Patriots, and a whole lot more

2001 NFL Draft Picks (5/5/2003)

Check out who was picked by the Patriots in the '03 NFL Draft

Tom Brady Named "Miller Lite NFL Player of the Week" (11/27/2001)

New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady has been named the Miller Lite NFL Player of the Week for Week Eleven following his four-touchdown performance over the New Orleans Saints this past Sunday at Foxboro Stadium.

2001 NFL Draft Picks (4/22/2001)

Check out who was picked by the Patriots in the 2001 NFL Draft

2001 Opponents (2/2/2001)

Who the Pats will face in the preseason and regular season, and where. Dates and times TBA.

Patriots cut Derrick Fletcher (9/20/2000)

The Patriots cut offensive guard Derrick Fletcher

2000 Preseason Roster Moves - Part 2 (8/30/2000)

The Pats fill most of their practice squad

2000 Preseason Roster Moves - Part 1 (8/29/2000)

The Pats go to the waiver wire to fill their remaining roster slots

2000 Season Cuts - Part 2 (8/27/2000)

Here's the final list of preseason roster moves for the 2000 season

Brisby Signs with Jets (8/17/2000)

Former Patriots WR Vincent Brisby wasn't unemployed for long…

2000 Season Cuts - Part 1 (8/16/2000)

Veteran WR Vincent Brisby, others cut by the Patriots in the first round of cuts

Barcelona Update (4/30/2000)

A Patriots update from the NFL Europe's Barcelona Dragons

2000 Rookie Free Agents (4/24/2000)

This is the list of the Patriots' 2000 rookie free agents - updated 4/30/2000!

2000 NFL Draft Picks (4/16/2000)

See who ther Patriots picked in the 2000 NFL Draft

Belichick Named Head Coach (1/27/2000)

Following a draft-pick deal with the Jets, the Patriots sign Bill Belichick to a 5-year deal as head coach

2000 Opponents (1/26/2000)

Who the Patriots will be playing and where

2000 Free Agents (1/6/2000)

Here's a list of the restricted and unrestricted Patriots free agents

1999 Free Agency (1/18/1999)

Check out Patriots free agents, and other NFL free agents of interest to the Pats

AFC East Race as of 12/23/1998 (12/23/1998)

The Pats are in the playoffs… but where will they play, and against who?!

AFC East Race as of 12/7/1998 (12/7/1998)

Clint sums up the AFC East race, and the Patriots chances for a Three-Pete!

Patriots Moving to Hartford - Comments (11/27/1998)

We got many e-mails from people regarding the move of the team to Hartford, and here are some excerpts of what fans had to say.

Patriots Moving to Hartford (11/19/1998)

Check here for news, opinions and commentary on the Patriots proposed move to a new stadium in Hartford for the 2001 seasion.

We were in the Courant! (9/20/1998)

GoPats.com was mentioned in an article on Patriots fan Web sites in the Hartford Courant.

1998 NFL Draft Picks (4/19/1998)

The Patriots' picks in the 1998 NFL Draft

What the Pats Can Do If/When Martin is Gone (3/24/1998)

Clint speculates on what the Patriots can do if/when Curtis Martin departs.

1996 Playoffs Picture (12/16/1997)

Clint Mills' look at the NFL playoffs picture, statistically and from the heart.