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For 9/19/2009

Tom Brady needs to take a ride on the Nutrisystem train with Dan Marino

So, I took last year off from writing "Staying Patriotic." There was a lot going on and it was my busiest year ever. That being said, I missed writing it and would find myself taking notes during games for articles that were never written. To all the people that called and emailed asking for articles, I'd like to say "Thanks for your support, and I'm back for the season." This year, football is even more woven into my life. I'm the head coach of my son's team, The Iron Men, and that should introduce a new level sarcasm into my articles. This year, even my wife has a team in my fantasy league, and I don't know, but that just seems to make her even "Hotter."

So, with that, let's get started.

Before I even get into the game, let's just spend a little time talking about Tom Brady. I get it, right? The guy hasn't played a regular season game in a year, and it just happens to be the same year that he marries a supermodel. He's working his way back from knee surgery, which I know is tough having had it twice myself. But c'mon, eat a salad every once in a while, stop having Giselle always on top and try to remember what you looked like the last time you were in shape. Now, when I say "the last time you were in shape" I don't mean the first game of last season. Who could possibly be in shape when you put in almost zero minutes during last year's pre-season games?

For the first 55 minutes of Week 1, I watched a Tom Brady that just looked like his heart wasn't in the game anymore. I was actually ready to stop watching in order to take care of a few things around the house and get ready for the Chargers-Raiders. Instead, I just spent a little time wondering how I could reclaim the just recently lost minutes of my life and thinking that we weren't off to a great start at all. Damn, was it really going to start off like this?

Then I saw it. Tom gets a little pissed off on the sidelines. The looks of complacency turn to looks of determination. We've all seen that look before. That's the looks that says, "Tom's gonna try and win this one." What followed was 5 minutes of "Patriots" football. Now, if you look up the definition for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on WebMD, you'll see that one of the symptoms is listed as "Always leaving things to the last minute." So, let's pump up Tom with a little Adderall and let him go for it in Week 2.

That being said there was still a lot of things that looked good. Wes Welker continues to perform despite the knee injury, and Randy Moss was looking in top shape. Then there's Ben Watson, who was not only sure handed against the Bills, but has a great history against the Jets.

So, on to the Jets. For those of you that don't know, I live the next town over from Florham Park, NJ which is the home of the Jets Practice facility. I see enough Jets fans on a daily basis to drive a man crazy. Nothing would be better than another Patriots win over the Jets. Not only that, I've had it up to my ears with the whole Mark Sanchez is the second coming of Nameth nonsense that's being broadcast all over the place down here.

It's time for the defense to get down to business. With Mayo questionable and Bruschi, Vrabel, Seymour and Harrison all gone, can the Patriots Defense get the job done? Definitely. The Pats have enough size, skill and experience to do what the Texans couldn't do last week: Shake up Sanchez, get him off his count and get him on the ground.

With Tom Brady hopefully having shaken the dust off, Welker and Moss looking good, Watson's record against the Jets and the award winning "Running Back by Committee" that Belichick employs, I think we'll pull it off.

As a final note, it was great to see Tedy Bruschi on the field and behind the ESPN desk. Tedy was a great player, a class act and a role model that I could count on when I bought my kids their first jerseys and inducted them into the Patriot Nation. I wish Tedy continued success with this new avenue of his career and look forward to his continued presence off the field.

Enjoy the game and Go Pats!