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For 1/20/2008

Golfing on Game Day

Am I crazy? Most would think so. Most people where I live would say I'm crazy just for being Pats fan, but in this case it's because I had to give up a seat to the AFC Championship game because of a prior commitment to go to Florida to visit the in-laws (Vikings fans). Lucky for me, our neighbors down here are from Duxbury, MA. So, it just goes to prove that you're never too far from a Pats fan.

Normally on game day, my son and I make it a point to put on our Pats jerseys and then run a few errands in the morning, making sure to enjoy the dirty looks from those Giants and Jets fans at the local Stop and Shop. This time instead of running errands, we'll be hopping in a cart to get in a round of golf before pre-game. My son is 4 years old, so when I say a round of golf, we're lucky to get in 9, although today he did get on the green in 4 on a par 3. The point is that while we were enjoying 84 degree weather down here today, it made me think even more about the weather being a factor in both of Sunday's games.

The temperature today at Lambeau Field was 31 degrees below zero with the wind chill, and tomorrow they're calling for a whopping 3 degrees with a wind of 10 to 20 mph. That's 35 degrees below zero for those of you that don't have your scientific calculators handy. Even with the Giants record on the road being what it is, can there possibly be a way that someone who is not from that God forsaken place is prepared to play in those conditions? Buh-Bye Giants.

So, let's talk about our game. Both teams will definitely be bringing their "A Game" on Sunday. The Chargers are looking for revenge. It seems that everywhere I look on the Web; people are picking the Pats, but still saying that the teams are pretty evenly matched. Here's how I see things:

  1. Location - The Pats at home are always a strong team. Sunday's weather is expected to be a high of 25 degrees with a 10 to 20 mph wind for a balmy 13 degrees. That's definitely not San Diego weather. Advantage Pats.
  2. Passing - Last week, the Chargers gave up over 400 passing yards against the Colts. Did someone say "Secondary?" By beating the Jaguars, the Pats proved that they don't have to throw the long ball to win. Last week the Pats played textbook football and while it may not have been too pretty, it sure was effective. If the Chargers can't get to Brady, the game's over. Advantage Pats.
  3. Running - Let's hope that the Pats defense worked on actually stopping people this week. Last week was a huge disappointment. Maroney has been really performing well over the last few games and LT is listed as questionable, so this one is really up in the air. If the Pats can stop the Chargers Run this game could be a lock, but I'm still iffy on the Pats Defense. Advantage Chargers.

My prediction is for a New England / Green Bay Super Bowl.

Go Pats!