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For 12/29/2007

"Hey, what channel is the game on?"

I wish that was enough said, but sarcasm always prevails, so thanks to countless numbers of fans and a couple of United States Senators with not much else to do, I'll have my pick of 6 channels (not counting the west coast channels and their HD counterparts on Direct TV) to watch the game on this Saturday. Hey, maybe it's not so bad. I might be able to actually use the volume on my TV since I don't have to listen to the dynamic duo of Simms and Nantz, or even worse... Jaworski. I know that Cris Collingsworth will be calling the game on the NFL Network, but I've been hearing the terms "broadcast on three networks" and "simulcast on NBC and CBS" so it's really anyone's guess as to how this is going to work. If that doesn't work for you, just head on over to and you can pick up a pair of tickets to the game for $2,000.00. I say just go for it and buy the tickets. It doesn't sound like there will be a single Giants fan at the game anyway.

Were Cris Carter and I right last week? Yeah, I think so. The Pats fielded their starters for 60 minutes and a great first half of football against Miami. But, what happened in the second half? It was the first time this season that the Pats failed to score in a half. You can analyze that one many different ways, but I won't. Instead I'll just take the win and say thanks.

So, how about those Giants? Tom Coughlin is saying that his team is playing to win regardless of the importance of the game to their future. Is it worth playing your starters when you've got a first round game in one week? Tough question. Let's say he plays his starters for the first half. If it's a blowout at halftime, then I can see sitting everybody down, but what if the Giants are up? You can't say that hasn't happened before to the Pats. Then, Coughlin's stuck with keeping them in to see what happens. With all that, I'm going to say that we'll see the Giants starters coming out for the first half.

What we do know is that Manning plays his worst football at home so it's looking pretty good for the Pats defense. The question I have is whether the Pats offensive line will be able to keep up the protection for Brady and give him plenty of time to toss the long ball to Randy Moss. Because as we all know, it's all about the records, and not the one I said I would never speak of again. I'll definitely be looking for those Manning and Rice records to be a thing of the past after Saturday's game. If Brady breaks the record on Saturday, he will be considered the greatest to have ever played the game. If Moss breaks Rice's record, the debate is whether he'll be considered the greatest, or the luckiest? No doubt in my mind he's an amazing receiver, but I'm interested in hearing some of your thoughts on this one.

I think last week speaks volumes for what we can expect against the Giants. I'm predicting 60 minutes of football from the Pats starters. With a first round bye, and some tough AFC games ahead, I'm guessing the starters will stay in the game to keep loose. And, what better way to head into the playoffs then with that whole 16-0 thing.

Go Pats!