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For 11/21/2007

"* - Caught Cheating"

Monday's are great days for us Pats fans this season. Regardless of the weather, I've got this smile on my face and a skip in my step that can only be brought on by a win, or as has been par for the course, an unbelievable decimation of the opposing team. It's even better when I can wash down that victory with a Jets and/or a Giants loss. Nothing keeps the energy up like watching your coworkers squirm when you utter the words "Sorry man, tough one this weekend huh?" As it was, the big debate going on in my head after Sunday's game was "Why couldn't they have gone for one more touchdown?" It would have been great to see Randy Moss tie or even beat the Jerry Rice record of 5 TD receptions in one game.

Usually, I stay away from the local rags available in the great city of New York instead opting to get my news the civilized way, but on this past Monday morning I grabbed a paper and hopped on the train. I won't get into which particular paper it was, but let's just say it rhymes with "New York Toast." I will say that it was a bit disappointing that the Jets managed to squeak one out and the Giants seem to be improving, but I thought I could overcome that by simply skipping over to the NFL standings page to see the Pats sitting high atop of the AFC. As I looked over the standings I felt my face get red, my blood pressure rise and the anger wash over me. There it read, on the top line of the AFC East: "* New England Patriots." Following down a few lines were the words: "* - Caught Cheating." I've included a scan of the paper so you can all see what I'm talking about.

Caught cheating image

Good luck finding this on any Web site. As far as I can tell, it's only documented this way in the actual paper. If you're like me, your initial reaction was the same, but after a while, anger turned to laughter and again I was just enjoying another satisfying win. I mean c'mon now, while Giants fans are watching Phil Simms do Metamucil commercials and today's Jets fans are still busy trying to spell S-u-p-e-r B-o-w-l, we're witnessing a dynasty never before seen in the history of the game. Still doesn't mean the Pats will ever get the respect they deserve though, but we've been down that road already.

As for the Eagles this Sunday, I think we can predict some great numbers again from the Pats with a wide point spread, especially if McNabb is out for the week. I don't think Brian Westbrook will be able to hold up for very long against the Pats, so if the Eagles can't get in field goal range it's pretty much over.

Go Pats!