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For 11/11/2007

What does Staying Patriotic mean to you? If you're like most of the fans out there, it means constantly trying to understand why the team that you love consistently fails to gain the respect of the league. Win by too much - Running up the score. Win by too little - Couldn't get it together. Take a few pictures - Spygate. To me, as it does to thousands of you, it also means being a true fan of the Patriots somewhere other than New England. In my case, it's the land of Jets and Giants. That's right, New Jersey.

So here's a few things I'm hoping for out of all this:

  1. Obviously it's a place for me to spend some time talking about the Patriots; the last game, the next game, the team in general and probably all three.
  2. I'd like to maybe get some discussion going here on some of what we're seeing in the Sports Pages, I mean c'mon... did Shula actually suggest putting an asterisk next to a potential undefeated season? SHULA?
  3. To localize our pain. Maybe laugh at the inadequacies of the local team and its fans. Not just mine, but yours. Let's face it, nothing gives me more pleasure than watching the 50 year old Jets Fans in my Fantasy league jump all over themselves to try and draft Brady.

If all of those three things above just happen to cause the intentional beer drinking and Patriot watching of new friends living in the same area, well then that's a bonus. If you find yourself in Morris County, NJ, shoot me an email. Nothing would make me happier than to be driving down Rte 10 someday and see a banner flying over some pub for the NJ Home of the Patriots. Mike Maddaloni, who's the technical Madman behind, suffers along with us in the land of the Chicago Bears, so reach out if you're in the Windy City.

Look for some upcoming changes to Over the next several weeks, we'll be converting the site over to allow for more feedback by converting from this article driven format to utilizing a blog engine. More opinions usually means more interesting, though don't hold me to that. I'm not a Stat Master, so if you are, feel free to join in. I'm just guy who was without a team until that freshman year of 1988 at the University of Lowell. Somewhere in the middle of that case of Schaffer Pull Tabs I found my team and I've been loyal ever since.

Go Pats!