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By Patriots fans... for Patriots fans!

GoPats.com is the project that Mike Maddaloni and Clint Mills do with what little spare time they have. Originally started by Mike in 1995 as a way for him to learn what that new Web thing was, it has evolved into what you see today.

Clint Mills

I began following the Patriots in 1982 at the age of 12, and was really hooked by 8th grade, the 1984 season. Beginning with the 1985 season my family has had Season tickets - 5 rows behind the visitors bench on the 40-yard line. I will never forget the goal posts coming down after the playoff clinching victory over the Bengals that year. Twenty-two years later I'm a married father of 3 and my enthusiasm and passion for this team has not waned a bit.

My high school years were great, with the 1985 AFC Championship followed by a division title in 1986. My first ever road game was the 1985 Wild Card game in the Meadowlands, and as for home games, I have not missed a single one since 1991. I was 6 hours from Foxboro while in college from the 1988 through 1991 seasons, yet still managed to attend an average of 6 games per season. Lest you need reminding, those were not good years to be a Patriots fan. The Patriots actually suffered the indignity of hosting an "away game" in Foxboro Stadium in week 16 of the 1990 season against the New York Giants when 40,000 Giants fans were easily able to obtain tickets.

Back in my college years and shortly after graduation, I could not give away my extra tickets. Today there are over 40,000 fans on the waiting list and the Pats are well over 100 consecutive sellouts and counting. My account now has 7 seats and my retired parents still attend most of the games as well. I did almost miss the Cleveland game in 2001 as that was my wife's due date with our 3rd child, but she said "not to worry", and she was right as we didn't need to leave for the hospital until the following evening!

In 1998, just 3 months after my first child was born, I was awarded the 1998 Patriots Fan of the Year Joseph Mastrangelo Tropy by Robert Kraft, BankBoston, and members of the Mastrangelo family - an honor which I will forever cherish.

My wife sure puts up with a lot. From having a rusty old "PAT VAN" in the driveway for many years for tailgating, to being a football widow for 5 or 6 months per year (I attend at least 2 away games per season as well, often times more), to having an entire floor of our house dedicated to the Patriots. Our Boston CBS affiliate, WBZ Channel 4, has been to our home twice to showcase our Patriots sports bar. If that's not enough, my license plate reads GOPATZ, and of course, I have a Patriots tatoo - the old logo in silhouette with the new logo over it in full color.

I met Mike shortly after college graduation in 1992 and we got together to start GoPats.com in 1996. Mike already had his own Web site, but not much content. I was bursting with Patriots content, but not much interest in starting my own Web site. We settled on the domain name GoPats.com and "Clint's Corner" was born. I have written over 100 columns over the years, although my family life has cut into the frequency as of late.

A lot has changed since 1982 - but something that hasn't and never will is my following of the New England Patriots. Seeing the Red Sox win it all was nice, but nothing short of the birth of my children can compare to being in the Superdome when the Patriots captured their first World Championship.

Go Pats!

Mike Maddaloni

Mike Maddaloni is a co-founder of GoPats.com. It's origin dates back to 1995, when he created his very first Web site in his attempt to break free from the mainframe-computing world and into this new medium called the Internet. Seeking content other than pictures of himself, he posted some basic information about the Patriots, including a cutting-edge (at that time) animation of the new Pats logo created by his friend in Australia. When Clint told Mike that this crude Web site didn't do justice to the team, Mike told him to put his money where his mouth is, and the rest is history!

A season ticket holder going back to the days of Coach Mac in the early 90's, Mike is proud to have been there in old Foxboro Stadium for games ranging from the monsoon during the Jets game to the very last game, the Snow Bowl. He is also proud of the camaraderie and friendships he has made through the team, including diverse tailgating with feasts ranging from lobster to Wisconsin bratwursts to "yuccas."

He is the founder and President of Dunkirk Systems, an Internet strategy and consulting firm. He has worked in IT for over 15 years in all aspects of software and Internet development, delivering solutions for small local businesses up to large global firms. Based in Chicago, he proudly serves a clientele throughout the United States. His labors on GoPats.com are representative of the work he does for his clients, and could do for you too!

Mike dedicates his efforts on GoPats.com to the memory of his Mom, who taught him how to be a sports fan, and to his loving wife, who supports him in all of the time he takes for the games and to keep GoPats.com vibrant.